Why Wemvula

Too many organisations are stuck in an endless cycle of initiatives that fail to deliver. You may have experienced this yourself. There’s so many moving parts it’s difficult to know where to start, what to focus on and how to stay on top of it all.

We realised what was needed was a tool to help you plan and execute your transformation programme. A single place to keep track of it all in one place so you see real value, mitigate risks and avoid failure.

Co-create services that delight.

With Wemvula you can stay on the right track by keeping your vision, values and principles front of mind at all times.

With your greater vision set, Wemvula allows you to create great looking Wardley maps so you can work out what to focus on, where there’s duplication and bias and what to do about it.

Become more customer-centric by creating user personas based on the goals, needs and pain-points of your customers and your people. Create blueprints where you can map user journeys to the front stage and back stage processes, highlighting where to focus attention. They also draw attention to pain points and opportunities, providing options of where to act.

That means you can make sure the changes you’re making make their lives easier, more enjoyable and more exciting.

Deal with legacy

With Wemvula you’ll get a full breakdown of every component from your maps and how your organisation delivers value.

You can also start projects. Assign people to them and keep track of their status and any dependencies. Start Gameplays which can help you and your team describe the in flight activities, so that you can keep on top of your portfolio. Track start and end dates, identify the critical customers, and assess their level of complexity and usefulness to the organisation

You can even keep track of every contract - an easy way to make sure you’re getting real value from all your suppliers. This means you’ll have a clear picture of what you’re paying for, to whom and when it runs out.

Make change stick

One of the biggest barriers to transformation success is resistance to change. Ensuring your team is on this journey with you, and having their ideas and comments captured for the ultimate collaboration experience.

This tool opens up your transformation programme to your whole organisation, so everyone will understand the vision, the strategy, what needs to change, the customer needs, the role they’re playing – and the progress you’re making together.

Ultimately Wemvula allows you and your team to create, collaborate and store your company’s:

  • vision, values and design principles
  • wardley maps
  • blueprints
  • gameplays
  • user needs
  • components
  • contract
  • projects
  • assessments
  • ideas
  • personas

With Wemvula it’s easy to transform your organisation intelligently.

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