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Wemvula is Zulu for Rainmaker. The name is founded in the African roots of our CEO. Not only is “rain” vital to life and indeed growth in Africa but it also gives rise to great change. Hence the significance of the name Wemvula for this product. This platform is all about embedding significant change in your organisation. The name also strikes meaning with our values as a business and is strongly linked to our philanthropic efforts which includes supporting disadvantaged kids living in townships around the Western Cape.

Wemvula is powered by Rainmaker Solutions.

At Rainmaker, we want to make a difference

We passionately believe technology should be something that enables our businesses to realise our greatest ambitions. But, for too many organisations, the reality is the opposite. They feel locked into complex, archaic, inflexible technologies that inhibit them, rather than being set free by intuitive and innovative solutions.

That’s why Rainmaker exists. We are a digital business transformation company that helps world-class organisations plan, implement and embed lasting change to future-proof their businesses.

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